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Every decision to change has to be followed up with an immediate action.

We give ourselves greater hope of change when we act at the time we are most motivated.

Don’t wait for the right moment like the beginning of 2015, your next birthday or even for when you have just enough time or money. It’s unlikely you will ever have both at the same time, and as for the rest, well, we’ve all tried resolutions on birthdays and especially on New Years and these almost always end up the same. Failed and often, forgotten.

Whatever it is that you want, act now, write it down, put a copy of it on your fridge door, your mirror, or anywhere you will see it frequently and make yourself accountable to someone. Make it is easy to track your goals so you can see that you are making progress.

You have everything in you already to make it, but without a plan, a vision for your life and what you want to achieve, you will never reach your full potential. Choose to live on purpose, be deliberate in your actions and choices, and perhaps most importantly, Don’t waste time. Do it now.

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