Everything will be ok. Trust me. We’ve all said it at least once. Reassuring a friend that their recently departed partner would be back, or sharing a review of a new film, we often invite others to ‘trust us’.

Today, or tonight should I say, I actually thought to myself, how many of us actually trust our own words? Do I; believe me?

It’s so easy to break a promise to yourself. In fact, it’s almost effortless. Committing to writing a new blog, going to the gym, giving up sweets (or should I say cutting down) and going for a run, are just some of my own personal promises from this week. So far, I’ve run twice, been to the gym once and i’m writing ‘this’ blog right now, (Wednesday 11/11/15) i’m working on the sweets situation, and if I don’t have anymore this week, I’ll be right on track.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? If my whole life was based on this week, I would be doing great. However, behind me are a trail of thousands of broken promises and commitments, that I have made to myself, that I fear may have caused me to no longer trust me.

Like a child whose been constantly over promised and under delivered to by a well-meaning but unreliable parent, I think it’s possible, that I have decided to no longer trust me and instead, expect little of what I say to materialize, that way, when it doesn’t, i’m not surprised, or as disappointed, because it’s what I knew would inevitably happen.

Tonight, as I finished my run, I realised that my level of self belief was very slowly creeping up (Watch my post-run video on Periscope). I hadn’t run for a good few months before Monday, hadn’t been to my gym in at least five weeks, and, I have recently single handedly boosted the sales of Haribo and Cadburys to new record levels. To top if off, I didn’t have one good excuse or reason why I had dropped off so badly. So this week, I decided to break the cycle and establish a relationship of trust with myself again, by simply doing what I said I would do.

What things in your life, have you have pledged over and over again to do, but still not done? Like me, are you tired of letting yourself down, of knowing that even though you mean well, you just can’t seem to find the drive or motivation, to do something that you know you want or need to do for yourself? Well, there’s hope yet. Start with something small. Tell yourself something you’re going to do and then do it. Based only on my experience and absolutely no science whatsoever, I think that in a very short space of time, you will find that your self belief will grow, your ability to get things done will increase and you will find it harder and harder not to do what you say. The thing is, you actually won’t want to let yourself down and that is a great place to be. Trust me. Or should I say, trust you. Give it a try, what’s the worst that could happen?

Until next time.

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