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Last week Thursday was an amazing day. I was chosen by the BBC Academy to join their ‘Expert Voices’ programme to talk about my experience of working with young people and how having positive aspirations can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable young people.

By the end of the day, I discovered something mind blowing. That I, can be part of the solution to a massive problem I see in the media.

In my work with young people, I often struggle to find positive and inspirational people of influence that they can aspire to be like or model themselves on. There are many un-gifted and un-talented people with high levels of influence, but not so many people who cause them to strive to lead better lives.

This has got to change.

I can’t say what I’m going to do specifically, but last Thursday showed me, that there is a place in the media for positive people like me. I left feeling inspired and motivated to take action.

A massive shout out goes to the BBC Academy, firstly for choosing me and secondly for creating the opportunity. Also, to the whole team, in particular the awesome and amazing Lanre, the super cool, super smooth Ria, Kate, who critiqued me to within an inch of my life (I needed it), Francesca the brilliant coach and everyone else that made us feel so at home and so important. Finally, I have to shout out the Green Team, my new mates Dr Jas and Mickey, Norma, Mandy and the everyone else that I had the pleasure of sharing the day with. I promise, you will all see me again.

Until next time. Watch this space.

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