The start of a new school year offers a perfect opportunity to explore different ways of introducing careers education into your teaching. Here, educator and coach, Adam Brooks tell us about the LifeSkills ‘Virtual interview practice tool’ and his tips for using this with students.

I believe programmes such as LifeSkills are crucial to opening a world of new opportunities for young people who would otherwise almost certainly have none. This is particularly the case for the work I do; I’m a project manager at a community organisation for young people, from year 4 through to university. We’re located in an area of Birmingham where more than half of children are classed as being in poverty, and most are without a parent or guardian in employment. We aim to raise their levels of aspiration through running projects to directly meet the needs of members of the local community and provide opportunities for positive change that may not ordinarily be accessible. This includes working in partnership with schools to give their students the extra support they need to break negative behavioural trends and instigate positive change.

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