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It’s been nearly a week. For many of us, there are already things we’ve done, that we said we’d never do again. Cigarettes, drink, fast food, selfie addiction, whatever the vice, there’s every chance it has already snatched back its place in our life with a now, seemingly, unbreakable grip.

So where did it all go wrong?

When making the promise to ourself, that we will never call him or her again, smoke that cigarette, or eat from the burger van outside our place of work, we sometimes take things too far, and over promise, opening ourselves up to the negative feelings we will inevitably get when we fail. Once we deem ourselves a failure, we give up. What’s the point, if we’re going to fail again anyway, why put ourselves through the negative feelings again by trying?

Well, I want to encourage you. Nobody is perfect, and changes take time to take effect. I always say to my mentees when I begin working with them, I’m not looking for perfection, I don’t get everything right all of the time and I don’t expect them to either. I tell them that the most important thing for me to see in them, is progress.

We focus on creating S.M.A.R.T goals.

  • S-Specific – Specify how this will be accomplished.
  • M-Measurable – Work out how a goal is to be achieved. Measurable does not refer to a timeline; it means determining a way to measure your success in completing the long-range goal.
  • A-Action-oriented – Be proactive in taking action that will result in reaching the desired goal.
  • R-Realistic – Aim for attainable goals, considering the resources and constraints relative to the situation.
  • T-Timely – Allow reasonable time to complete each goal, but not too much time or you will lose focus and motivation.

This, is just a part of the process, but I used this example, as a way to show you that when making our resolutions and setting goals, we have to be honest with ourselves and give ourselves the best chance possible to succeed. That means setting goals that allow us to see progress.

Next time you are setting a goal, ask yourself these questions. Am I being honest with myself, why do I want to achieve this? Is it for me, or am I doing this because of what others expect, or want me to do. Finally, assess whether your goals are smart, and if they are not, start again. Going cold turkey nearly never works, but with specific, measurable, action orientated, realistic and timely goals and resolutions, you might just have a fighting chance.


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